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VimConf 2017 - An international Vim Conference

note: I'm sorry if it comes to strange expression because it is machine translation.
to @haya14busa

It's amazing that incsearch will be a built-in feature of Vim!

to @fatih

Because vim-go is too amazing, I also agree that Vim will become the share top of the golang development editor.

to @mattn_jp, @kaoriya, @k_takata

 It was interesting content but why are there so many Windows countermeasures?


to @cocopon

I'm using it right away but it's better to see than default!



 to @t9md

vim-mode-plus is really amazing!
I would like to convert it to atom if there is no problem with large files.


to @senopen

It may be desirable to protect POSIX, but I'd like to hold back POSIXism. Is not it hard to work hard without using new and useful things?


to @ShogoMatsu

Shogoware is beautiful!


to @dice_zu

I think it's wonderful, but
Are not you doing too much Vim build everyday?


to @p_ck_

I really agree that regular expressions are too early for humanity. That is difficult.


to @lambdalisue

I also saw last year's announcement!
Why are you so much to give presentations even though you are not native English speakers?


to All

Happy Vim Life!